PCV DI Minibus Driver Training

This course is mostly taken up by non-professional drivers that include: Community workers.

    • Local Authority Care Home staff.
    • Voluntary community bus drivers.
    • Teachers.

although, we can train driver CPC, this will enable the driver to drive for commercial Organisations

All drivers will have passed their car-driving test after the 31st December 1996, and not be in possession of a D1 101 Restriction entitlement on their driving licence.

Due to the revised driving licence legislation, any driver that wishes to drive a mini-bus without this entitlement will be required to pass a PCV D1 driving test under the following circumstances:

  • The driver passed their car-driving test after 31st December 1996, and is paid via other employment whilst driving a mini-bus.


  • The driver is employed by an organisation where driving a mini-bus is part of the job, or where the driver has a D1 101 Restriction, but is required to drive in the EU on behalf of their organisation.

It should be noted that drivers will need to pass a PCV D1 if the mini-bus maximum weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) exceeding 3.5 tonnes (or 4.25 tonnes for an accessible minibus)

The course will take the candidate through the entire process of training and booking the test.

To book this course, please use our Driver Training Course Booking form, and we will get back to you very shortly to discuss your requirements.