MiDAS Car & MPV Driver Observer

This course is for candidates that want to become MiDAS accredited Driver Assessors or Trainers (DAT), as well as Car and MPV training for accessible and disabled passengers.

The Car & MPV standard observer course agenda covers the following areas:

  • Observed drive.
  • Driver fault finding.
  • Demonstration and commentary training.
  • Structuring driving assessments.
  • Conducting observed drives.
  • Identifying common driving errors and providing solutions.
  • Legal responsibilities.
  • Passenger safety
  • Health and Safety overview.
  • Manual handling overview.
  • Breakdown, collisions and emergency procedures.
  • Presentation and theory assessment.
  • Administration and record keeping.
  • Setting up training courses.

The Car & MPV accessible observer course agenda covers the following areas:

  • Disability awareness including physical and sensory impairments.
  • Wheelchair handling.
  • Wheelchair and passenger equipment training.
  • Correct use of lift and ramp equipment.

Once complete, the candidates undertake an observed drive where they can demonstrate the skills they have learnt on the course.

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