Fleet Driver Training and Risk Assessment

This is a half or full day course to train fleet operators and drivers in effective and safe driving. It is a practical course taken in the owners own vehicle (so that its carried out in a familiar environment). This is subject to the vehicle being taxed, insured and MOT’ed.

The format of the course can be one-to-one with the trainer and driver, or one trainer and two candidates.

For fleet managers, this course is suitable if:

  • You own a fleet of mini-buses, van or cars.
  • Your employees drive their own cars on behalf of your company.
  • You are looking to reduce the number of accidents or reduce insurance and maintenance costs.
  • You are not aware of the┬áCorporate Manslaughter Act introduced in April 2008.

The course agenda covers the following areas:

  • Licence and eyesight checks.
  • Vehicle checks, basic mechanical principles, fuel, fluid levels, vehicle electrics, wheels and tyres and any associated legal requirements.
  • Being familiar with your vehicle.
  • A short drive to assess the drivers general ability, and the to highlight any risks and solutions.
  • Covers driving situations such as major and minor road situations such as “A” roads, “B” roads, dual carriageways and motorways, town driving, roundabouts, parking and reversing.
  • A short road craft presentation to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the driver.

The trainer will look for the following key areas when assessing drivers:

  • Legal requirements and responsibilities.
  • Driver and passenger safety.
  • Vehicle control and road craft.
  • Ability to assess hazards, driver attitude and road awareness.
  • Crashes and emergency situations.
  • Speed cameras.
  • Vehicle sympathy.
  • Driving style and fuel economy.
  • Breakdowns.
  • Handling of aggressive situations on the road such as “road rage”.

At the end of the assessment, a final report on the drivers strengths and weaknesses (where appropriate) will be issued both to the driver and the fleet employer.

For larger groups, an optional half or full day course can be arranged, and can be used as a preparation for the practical driving assessment, or as a “stand alone” session with no driving assessment.

To book this course, please use our Driver Training Course Booking form, and we will get back to you very shortly to discuss your requirements.