CTA Car & MPV Accessible Driver

Organisations who supply vehicles and drivers to the public, have a duty of care to ensure those drivers are assessed for their driving ability. The course below is a National Course and is certificated by the CTA.

This course would suit the driver of vehicles up to 8 passenger seats (non D1), the standard part covers subjects, Licence issues/points, vehicle checks, speed issues, the road traffic act, seat belts and many more, this standard part is a 3.5 hour session. For drivers who require the accessible part, this is around 4 hours, (Depending on numbers) it would cover awareness in disability, wheelchair and user security equipment training, The whole course is underpinned with by Video, PowerPoint Presentation, and has many practical hands on parts.

Drivers will have a Driving assessments lasting around 1 hour.

To attend this course the driver’s organisation must be a member of MiDAS.

The course agenda covers the following areas: (This is not a full list)

  • Standard Part, (Foundation part of this course)
  • Road Traffic Act, Vehicle Checks, Emergency and evacuation, Defensive driving
  • Disability awareness including sensory and physical impairments.
  • Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) review.
  • Wheelchair handling procedures.
  • Wheelchair and passenger security equipment training.
  • Correct use of lift and ramps and safety advice.

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